III turniej PGNiG Summer Superligi: Gdańsk

Już wkrótce mecz w Twojej okolicy. Kibicuj z trybun 12 maja w Mielcu.
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Dodano: 9 listopada 2017

9. round – review

PGNiG Superliga comes back after a 19-day break due to the release of players to the national team. This week, ten games in total will be played. The series will begin with a game between Wybrzeże Gdańsk and PGE Vive Kielce, which will be broadcasted on TV. Also on NC+, we’ll be able to watch the Independence Day Match between Chrobry Głogów and Gwardia Opole.
The Gdańsk team, led by Marcin Lijewski, has been playing really good handball this season. The way they play is attractive to the eye, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. That is why so many people come to see them play. Previous games of Wybrzeże have attracted almost a full-capacity crowd. Therefore, it is not surprising that the match against PGE VIVE Kielce, a brand on its own, will be held at ERGO ARENA. „I’m glad we will play there. I hope it will motivate our fans to come and show us their support. The fact that they will be able to see the Kielce team in action will surely act as an incentive,” added Wróbel.
Yes, the team that we will see on the other side of the field needs no introduction. They have been undisputed champions of handball in Poland for the last couple of years. The star-studded team is successful not only in Poland but also in Europe. PGE VIVE Kielce has world-class players on almost every position, like the experienced former national team players, Sławomir Szmal, Karol Bielecki and Michał Jurecki, as well as many other talented European handballers.
Wybrzeże Gdańsk – PGE VIVE Kielce (Tuesday) November 7, 8:00 PM Canal + Sport

PGNiG Superliga newcomer takes on Polish vice-champions

This Wednesday, two teams from the Orange group will fight for four points. It will surely be an extremely difficult game to play for MKS Kalisz. Orlen Wisła Płock, despite some line-up problems, is on a winning streak. This season, they have lost only once, to PGE VIVE Kielce. With this game, a few injured players, like Racotea, will get back on the court. Fortunately, MKS has the support of their many devoted fans from Kalisz who almost always fill up the arena to the very last seat.
MKS Kalisz – Orlen Wisła Płock (Wednesday) November 8, 6:30 PM

Spójnia v. Gwardia

The teams will finally play the game postponed in round 6. Both Spójnia and Gwardia are in dire need of points. So far, Spójnia has won only one game, whereas Gwardia wants to break a losing streak, having lost four games in a row.
Spójnia Gdynia – Gwardia Opole (Tuesday) November 7, 6:00 PM

The Independence Day Match

On Saturday, in Głogów we will be celebrating 99 years of Polish Independence and 100 years of Polish handball. The game will be held in a special, historic setting,
with Chrobry and Gwardia giving their best to provide great quality of play. The hosts did not lie idle during the break and won comfortably (31:19) in a friendly game with Stal Gorzów Wielkopolski, a first-league team. In their last Superliga game, Głogów were defeated by Azoty Puławy. This season, Chrobry has won four games and lost equally as many. They collected 14 points and now rank fourth in the Blue group. However, the ambitious team from Głogów aspires to a lot more than that.
Many basic players at Gwardia Opole have spent their break outside of the club. As many as nine players have been called up to the national team, two (Malcher and Łangowski) to the first squad, two to squad B and five to the junior team. A mix of experienced and young players is Gwardia’s recipe for success. After a very good start this season (three wins), they are currently undergoing a bit of a crisis and will surely come to Głogów ready to fight and eager to win. The last face-off between the two teams ended with 81 goals in total, with Głogów winning the game 41:40.
Chrobry Głogów – Gwardia Opole (Saturday) November 11, 12:45 PM

Szczecin visits Kwidzyn

Round 9 will see MMTS hosting a game against Sandra Spa Pogoń Szczecin. MMTS seems to be the meeting’s surefire favourite. The team from Kwidzyn has so far walked away with points five times out of eight games. Pogoń has scored their first points in their last game against Gwardia Opole after a very interesting match that ended with a penalty shootout.
MMTS Kwidzyn – Sandra Spa Pogoń Szczecin (Saturday) November 11, 5:00 PM

First clash

This will be the first face-off between Azoty Puławy and Spójnia Gdynia. Until now, the third team of the league has not played with the newcomer from Gdynia. After significant changes in the team, the Azoty players needed some time to get in sync with each other. The hosts are definitely the game’s favourite. We will possibly have a chance to see Mateusz Seroka, the team’s wingman, for the first time since recovering from his recent injury. However, Azoty will play without Krzysztof Łyżwa who was severely injured in round 7 and is now on a six-month leave. In his absence, his younger teammate, Bartosz Kowalczyk, will probably lead the Puławy team. For Spójnia, this will be the second game this week, so it will be interesting to see how the league’s newcomer fares with such a heavy workload.
Azoty Puławy – Spójnia Gdynia (Saturday) November 11, 6:00 PM

Will Lipka stop Piotrkowianin?

The Stal Mielec – Piotrkowianin match will no doubt be an interesting face-off. Despite their recent defeat against Vive, Stal doesn’t fare bad. When playing at home, they did manage to defeat MMTS and Wybrzeże Gdańsk and currently rank third in the Orange group. Wiktor Kawka, the best player of October, is in great shape. Stal’s coach, Krzysztof Lipka, is also in top-notch form.
The fourth team, Piotrkowianin, is also in very good shape. Although they have lost, just like Stal, their last game against MMTS, they definitely make an effort and play nice handball. During the last couple of games, two players from squad B – Marcin Schodkowski, goalkeeper, and Mateusz Góralski, wingman, have had their chance to shine, with the latter scoring 13 goals in total. The competition will be fierce, with four points up for grabs.
Stal Mielec – Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski (Saturday) November 11, 6:00 PM

Catching up

Handball fans from Gdańsk can’t complain. This week, their team will play two matches. The first one will be the postponed game from round 6, with MKS Kalisz, to be held on Independence Day. The team from Gdańsk would surely love to score some points against the league’s newcomer. Unfortunately, this will be their second face-off in one week, with a very demanding opponent. We’ll see which team will regain their strength faster and win.
Wybrzeże Gdańsk – MKS Kalisz (Saturday) November 11, 6:00 PM

Will Górnik continue their hot streak in the match against Legionowo?

Arena Legionowo will be visited by NMC Górnik Zabrze. The hosts have recently won their second game this season, with Spójnia Gdynia. Now they will have to face an opponent who has so far lost only once. Scoring points will not be easy. In the host team, it was usually Kacper Adamski who carried the weight of the play on his shoulders, scoring 53 goals in total. His performance in this game will be decisive for Legionowo.
This will be the first game for Górnik without the injured right wingman, Aleksander Buszkow, who has recently fractured his clavicle. He will probably be substituted with 19-year-old Patryk Gluch who has played only 14 games in the league but the Górnik coach, Rastislaw Trtik, is apparently not afraid to bet on an inexperienced wingman.
KPR Legionowo – NMC Górnik Zabrze (Sunday) November 12, 4:00 PM

Will Meble win for the first time?

Three to zero – that’s how many times Zagłębie Lubin won with Meble Wójcik Elbląg. None of the teams is satisfied with the results of their last matches. Zagłębie lost by an inch with Wybrzeże Gdańsk (31:30), whereas Elbląg has surprisingly, and heavily, lost against Stal Mielec, 20:36. Will Meble manage to defeat Zagłębie Lubin and score some points? We’ll see on Sunday.
Zagłębie Lubin – Meble Wójcik Elbląg (Sunday) November 12, 6:30 PM

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