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Dodano: 7 lipca 2017

Fierce battle in the Blue Group

Back to the game! After a nearly 2-month break, handball games return to the hall at Wita Stwosza in Głogów. On Wednesday, Chrobry will play against KPR RC Legionowo.
In September, Legionowo came out on top. The Głogów team gave a poor performance and the first half of the game determined the final result. Seven lost goals in the first 30 minutes is a lot, and it was hard for the team to pull back in the second period, playing with an equal opponent. “Surely a lot of things went wrong during the game in Legionowo, now we have to do our best to win on Wednesday,” said Grzegorz Sobut, the Chrobry backcourt.
A lot has changed since September. Robert Lis, who did a very good job with KPR last season, returned to the team as the coach. At present, the performance of the Mazurian team is very uneven. In the last two games played in Legionowo, Lis’s team lost to Piotrkowianin and won against Zagłębie.
Chrobry’s time during the league break was quite well spent. They said goodbye to the year 2016 with a friendly game against South Korea, and welcomed 2017 playing against Chile. Later, there was a match in Zielona Góra, and two won tournaments, in Gorzów Wielkopolski and Gryfice. Players from Głogów can be satisfied with the results of these games, as opposed to that played against the League 1 team, Stal Gorzów.
Chrobry should start the round with a full lineup. Players who suffered from injuries at the end of last year managed to recover. However, Dominik Płócienniczak is ill and Rafał Biegaj still has not recovered from his knee injury.
Chrobry has one goal for the remainder of the season: be the third in the Blue group before the play-offs. The first step towards achieving that goal can be made on Wednesday. Victory will give them three points and increase their advantage over Legionowo to seven points.
Chrobry Głogów – KPR RC Legionowo, February 8, 2017 at 6.00 PM.

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