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Dodano: 7 lipca 2017

Górnik determined to stop MMTS

NMC Górnik Zabrze will play against the second-best team of the Blue group, MMTS Kwidzyn, on February 6 at 6:45 PM.
“Kwidzyn lost on our court two or three times in a row. We intend to keep it that way,” said Mateusz Kornecki, NMC Górnik goalkeeper.
Games between Górnik and MMTS are always fierce and thrilling. It is hard to predict the result, as both represent a similar level. In the first game this season, played in September, MMTS won 25-23. This was also the first game lost by Zabrze in the new league format.
The final score, however, did not reflect the course of the game. Zabrze clearly dominated, but ten minutes before the end, they started to run out of steam, which was quickly taken advantage of by their opponents.
“This will definitely be a difficult game,” says NMC Górnik coach, Ryszard Skutnik. “Kwidzyn are second in the table and many points ahead of the rest. They’ve been playing in the same lineup for years and they know each other well. They will definitely play to win.” The coach focuses on the strengths of his players: “I hope Mateusz Kornecki in the goal will do as well as he did in the game against Wisła. We have to play even better in defense, though Kwidzyn players are not as dangerous as the Poland vice-champions. We have to defend, we have to attack, and primarily, we have to improve our efficiency. This was why we lost the game against Gwardia in Opole, and then against Wisła.”
What else should be improved? “We do not have much time left. We won’t be able to improve much, but we surely must eliminate those basic mistakes, because Kwidzyn always take advantage of them and counterattack,” says the popular “Mati”. “But if we play even better in defense, we can hope for a good result. That is why we count on our fans’ support.”

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