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Dodano: 7 lipca 2017

Long-awaited home debut for Jurasik

On February 1, Sandra Spa Pogoń will play the inaugural game of the second part of PGNiG Superleague season. They will start a marathon of home matches with a postponed game against Gwardia Opole. Originally, the game was scheduled for November 26, but was cancelled upon the visiting team’s request. The last year’s game was also supposed to be the first featuring Mariusz Jurasik in the Szczecin lineup. All this will happen with a two-month delay.
Sandra Spa Pogoń ended the last year with a Cup victory against Gwardia Koszalin on December 16. That game will be particularly fondly remembered by Jakub Radosz who was offered a transfer to the PGNiG Superleague team.
“I did not see that coming, but it was a pleasant surprise. Promotion from the second league to the Superleague is a big challenge, but I think I will manage,” said Jakub Radosz, until recently the best shooter of the second league.
His transfer to Sandra Spa Pogoń coincided with injuries of two main left wingers, Wojciech Zydroń and Dawid Krysiak, who will be ready to play again in two weeks.
“One can say that the timing couldn’t be any better. Wojtek and Dawid are very good players, but on Wednesday I will have the opportunity to play and I hope I will make the best of this”, concluded the new left winger of Sandra SPA Pogoń.
The two left wingers are the only players who will sit the Wednesday game out. Coach Mariusz Jurasik will be able to use Arkadiusz Bosy who missed the fall round due to his knee injury. The popular “Alwaro” worked with the team throughout the whole training period, but he was spared during the tournament in Gryfice to make sure he is 100% fit for the opening game.  The availability of many players should be one of the advantages of Pogoń in their fight for the play-offs. In February only, Mariusz Jurasik’s players will have seven games to play.
The next opponent for Sandra Spa Pogoń, Gwardia Opole, is one of the biggest surprises in the PGNiG Superleague. The team ranks fourth in the Orange group with 20 points. The undoubted leader of the team is Adam Malcher, as everyone who watched his performance during the recent World Championship in France can testify.
The game starts at 6 PM in the arena at Twardowskiego.

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