III turniej PGNiG Summer Superligi: Gdańsk

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Dodano: 7 lipca 2017

Port Derby!

Sandra SPA Pogoń Szczecin have just had their last weekend off in a while. Their Wednesday match against Wybrzeże Gdańsk will be the first in a marathon series, including a number of home games. The one against Gdańsk begins at 6 PM in the arena at Twardowskiego.
Wojciech Zydroń, the coach of Pogoń’s winning juniors’ team, who went on to 1/8 finals in the Polish Championship together with CKS “Kusy”, will miss the match as he is slowly recovering from his knee arthroscopy. The regular wingers have been replaced by Jakub Radosz, the new addition to the team made during the winter break, who played a decent game in his debut against Gwardia Opole. Arkadiusz Bosy should also get more chances to play in the fixture against Wybrzeże, having fully recovered from his knee injury.
“It gets better every day. Time is on my side, I have put that fateful game against Gdańsk behind me, I give my 100% in trainings and it can only keep getting better,” says the Sandra SPA Pogoń pivot, Arkadiusz Bosy.
Wybrzeże Gdańsk players also struggle with injuries, especially in pivot and wing positions, which is why the team resorted to a last-minute transfer of their old player Patryk Abram. It is not clear, though, whether he is going to appear in the Wednesday game. The difference in league points and standing between the two teams is large, but Sandra SPA Pogoń still have a chance to get on the road to the play-offs. However, their biggest challenge is not just winning games, but also earning back the trust of the fans, who could be disappointed with their team this season.
“I can think of no other scenario than walking away with three points this Wednesday, and I hope our fans will give us their support, because we are going to try our best to earn it,” said Arkadiusz Bosy.
“We are hoping for a win. This would make up for the last round’s defeat in Gdańsk and give us the three points we need,” summarized Dawid Fedeńczak.
Tickets to the Wednesday game can be bought online at pogon.abilet.pl, in sales points throughout the city and, one hour before the match, at the entrance to the club’s arena at Twardowskiego.

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