III turniej PGNiG Summer Superligi: Gdańsk

Już wkrótce mecz w Twojej okolicy. Kibicuj z trybun 12 maja w Mielcu.
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Dodano: 18 października 2017

Round 8 – preview

El Clásico – A Holy War

This will be no ordinary game but a real handball battle and the most important sports event of the month. This clash of the titans will surely provide thrills for handball fans all over Poland. This Wednesday, we’ll see the first Holy War of the season. The two undefeated stars of PGNiG Superleague will face each other at the Orlen Arena.
Both teams go through a rough patch, playing in both the Champions League and the Superleague. The frequency with which they play games is pretty impressive. This match will be no doubt a close-fought one and the win will be in the details. Meanwhile, everyone’s asking the same questions.
How will Wisła backcourts perform? Will Sławomir Szmal prove his worth and, if substitution is necessary, how will the 15-year-old Miłosz Wałach perform? How Wisła is planning to stop the Vive offensive that scores, on average, over 36 goals per game? Will Adam Morawski play as well as in the last Champions League game? And finally, what kind of atmosphere will the fans create in the arena?
Fortunately, with these teams we can always count on three things: perseverance, bravery and tenacity. On Wednesday, we will witness handball at its best.
Orlen Wisła Płock – PGE VIVE Kielce, Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 PM at Canal + Sport


Waiting for a breakthrough

Sandra Spa Pogoń Szczecin fights ambitiously and makes continuous progress but that has not yet translated to winning any points. Pogoń Szczecin is the only team in PGNiG Superleague which has not scored yet. But not all is lost for them. Last season, they were in a similar position. However, after breakthrough, they began a winning streak and in the end advanced to the Finals. This round, they will face Gwardia Opole which made quite an impression on handball fans, advancing to the next round of the EHF Cup. Despite their successes in the European Cup, Gwardia is a little bit out of breath at home, having lost three last matches in a row and, just like Pogoń, is in dire need of a breakthrough.
Sandra Spa Pogoń Szczecin – Gwardia Opole, Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 PM.

Rough terrain

Hala Pogoń is a very difficult playfield for the visiting teams. This season, no team has yet taken points off Górnik in Zabrze. Now it is the league newcomer’s, MKS Kalisz, turn to do the impossible and defeat the opponent just like they did playing against Spójnia Gdynia.  NMC is a strong favourite here, having already scored 25 points in the league against MKS’s 10.
NMC Górnik Zabrze – MKS Kalisz, Wednesday, October 18, 6:00 PM.

A game with an undertone

This season, Piotrkowianin moved up a gear. In the last six games, they walked away with points five times. With 12 points after seven rounds, Piotrkowianin is just one point shy of matching their total from last season. This time, Hala Relax will be visited by the fourth team of PGNiG Superleague, MMTS Kwidzyn, which has recently defeated Gwardia Opole. The game will be quite a thrill, especially taking into account that the previous face-off between the teams in Piotrków Trybunalski ended with MMTS winning in overtime.
Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski – MMTS Kwidzyn, Wednesday, October 18, 6:00 PM.

A battle at the bottom of the table

This round will see a game between the seventh and eighth team in the blue group. Both teams, if they want to catch up with the rest of the clubs, need points like air. That is why this time they are particularly determined. As it is a game between two teams from the blue group, there will be four points at stake. In their last game, Spójnia Gdynia lost to MKS Kalisz by just one point (22:21), whereas KPR Legionowo lost to Chrobry Głogów.
Spójnia Gdynia – KPR Legionowo, Wednesday, October 18, 7:00 PM.

Wybrzeże plays at home

It will be the second time for Wybrzeże to host a game this season. Hala AWFiS will be visited by Zagłębie Lubin. The last time this team won with Gdańsk was in 2014. Although games between these two teams are always fierce and close-fought, it is the Gdańsk team that usually wins. Both teams lost their last games. Zagłębie lost heavily to Orlen Wisła Płock (21:36), whereas Wybrzeże was surprisingly easily defeated by Stal Mielec (33:25).
Wybrzeże Gdańsk – Zagłębie Lubin, Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 PM.

Puławy favourites

The Chrobry – Azoty match will no doubt be an interesting face-off. Chrobry Głogów is a consistent team that plays fascinating games at home, has experienced players and a goalkeeping duo, Kapela and Stachera, that can really make a difference. In their last game, they won heavily against KPR Legionowo (22:31). This season, the third Superleague team, Azoty-Puławy, scored five points more than Głogów, losing twice, to Orlen Wisła Płock and NMC Górnik Zabrze, and winning five times. In Głogów, they will come as the game’s favourites. The injured Azoty goalkeeper, Wadim Bogdanov, will not play.
Chrobry Głogów – Azoty-Puławy, Wednesday, October 18, 6:00 PM.

Will Stal continue their winning streak in the match against Elbląg?

Stal’s second win in a row made quite an impression on everyone, comfortably defeating Wybrzeże Gdańsk (33:25). Krzysztof Lipka, Stal’s coach and goalkeeper, was stunningly effective, with 38% of all shots stopped. The best player of round 6, Wiktor Kawka, scored seven goals. And that is what Elbląg will have to deal with on Wednesday. Meble Wójcik didn’t have a lot to cheer about after their last game. Their loss against Piotrkowianin was the third in a row and the Elbląg team is now in dire need of points if they want to stay afloat.
Meble Wójcik Elbląg – Stal Mielec, Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 PM.

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